Who is Perfect Filtration? 

Perfect Filtration offer their customers a turnkey preventative maintenance program.

This includes:

  • Oil condition monitoring
  • The installation of filters
  • The filtration of oil from HD 32 to very thick oil of 680 lube
  • Diesel filtration & Transformer purification

  • Why is 1 Micron Filtration Important? 

    By fitting an additional 1 micron offline filter, all contamination above 1 micron will be stopped and will be limited in creating further wear.

    As less particle wear is created, this results in cleaner oil, maintaining the additive package and results in longer filter life and increased equipment life.

    24 Hour Monitoring 

    Our filtration equipment is fitted with a state of the art remote communicator that monitors conditions. This remote communicator sends reports via SMS and GPRS to either our clients and or technicians and the Perfect Filtration 24 hour control room. This communicator reports on power failures, switches, temperature, etc. It also controls pump start, indicators and filter units. This ensures that filters are timeously replaced.

    Hidden Cost In Oil Changes

    Proper lubrication is an essential function in maintenace and changing oil is one aspect of the process. Unlike changing the oil in your car based on time or miles, oil changes for industrial equipment should be based on need where no other practical solution to restore proper lubrication is available. Too often, we schedule an oil change to rectify a contamination problem or when excessive wear is detected.

    Perfect Filtration as your partner in Oil & Diesel Filtration

    We clean hydraulic oil, diesel, lubricating oils and biodegradable oils. In addition we clean entire hydrologic- or lubrication systems typically found in mining machines such as LHD,LUBE CASSETS, turbines, foundries, crushers, injection moulding machines, winch systems etc.

    Independent tests show that up to 70% of all hydraulic/lubrication failures could have been avoided with preventative maintenance and clean oil. Calculate 70% of your hydraulic/lubrication expenses last year and see the amount of money we could have saved your company.

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    Oil analysis: an essential part of a cost efficient maintenance programme

    Regular oil analysis is extremely useful in montoring the condition of engines, hydraulics, turbines and various other types of lubricated oil equipment. This is also true for transformer oils used to insulate transformers and other electrical distribution equipment. Analysing transformer oils provides information about the oil, but also detects other potential problems such as contact arcing, ageing insulating paper and other latent faults. This forms an essential part of a cost efficient electrical maintenance programme.

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