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Perfect Filtration is an owner, hands-on driven company and together with our highly competent and motivated staff we provide an unsurpassed product and service to our customers, “you call, we deliver.”

We call on our customers to hold us accountable to our values of services, integrity, cost-efficiency, reliable and honesty. We strive for long term relationships and customer satisfaction. 

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Turnkey Preventative

We supply a turnkey preventative maintenance program from oil condition monitoring, where oil samples are taken on a specific frequency followed by a written report on the condition of the machine and oil. Installation of filters on equipment to keep the oil and diesel ultra clean while in operation.

"The days of 'oil is oil' have long gone. It is vitally important that in this day and age, oil is considered as an asset rather than just a consumable and as an asset it needs to be managed."

Laws and legislation require oil and oil-based products to be treated with the utmost care and diligence as dumping is a HUGE problem within the industry let alone the inevitable shortage which is fast approaching and with limited supplies comes massive price increases, thus be proactive and not reactive. 

Our filtration units have PLC and communication systems installed – ensuring that we have 24/7 access to the Filtration unit. This means that we can accurately monitor each site with no hassle. We interact with our filtration equipment remotely, this holds an array of benefits to you as a customer.

“Perfect Filtration simply ensures that you do not have to concern yourself with lubrication management anymore as we will monitor, care for and manage it all the while saving you an extraordinary amount of money.”

80% of all Hydraulic and Lubrication Failure is Caused By Water of Particulate Contamination.

"The Solution"

Continuous Filtration Down To 1 Micron "Nominal"


Oil Filtration (All Kinds Of Oil)

Transformer Oil Purification & Services

Diesel Filtration

Electrical Maintenance

Filter Supply (all kinds)

Onsite Transformer Repairs

Infra-red Scanning

Vibration Testing


Preventative Maintenance

Total Fluid & Lubrication Management

Cost Saving Solutions

Lube System Installations, Upgrades & Services

Live Condition Monitoring, Digitization and Atomization

Inline filtration

Perfect Filtration is the sole distributor for Filtertechnik products in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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