Diesel Filtration and Tank Cleaning

Bulk diesel fuels may leave a refinery clean, but the quality of the fuel can vary at dispensing due to contamination accumulated during transportation and storage.

Operators report that 90% of engine issues arise due to dirt and/or water in the fuel.

Does your diesel and storage tanks meet the minimum requirements to ensure backup equipment and day to day mobile equipment can operate sufficiently?

Backup generators for hospitals, data centres, banks and critical applications rely on diesel-driven equipment to ensure service delivery can proceed in case of a power outage. This can literally be the difference between life or death! Regular sampling, cleaning and maintenance of the diesel and Bulk Diesel tanks will ensure critical equipment running smoothly.

Diesel “bug” or microbial systematically and exponentially multiplies inside your diesel tank leaving a trail of sludge and contamination inside your system rendering critical equipment failure.

“ It is vitally important to ensure your Diesel and Bulk Diesel Storage Tanks are maintained, cleaned and in specifications as per legislations”

Services Include:

  • Fuel Tank Decontamination and Cleaning - Diesel / Paraffin / Jet Fuel / Petrol
  • Fuel Remediation - Diesel / Paraffin / Jet Fuel / Petrol
  • Fuel Sample Extraction and Fuel Risk Analysis - SANS342
  • Tank Integrity Tests - Vacusonic (SANS10089) and Pressure (SANS10131)
  • Observation Well Monitoring and Compliance Certification
  • Dispenser Meter Calibration
  • Fuel Tank Level Monitoring Systems
  • Dispense Control Monitoring Systems
  • Fuel Tank Maintenance and Monitoring Systems
  • Supply & Installation of new Fuel Tanks and Pumps
  • In-line Fuel Filtration & Water Separator Systems  
  • Fuel Waste Removal and Certified Disposal
  • Fuel and Fuel Tank risk compliance audit (SANS and API standards)