Switchgear Maintenance

Field Service and Maintenance: All Types of Switchgears

  • Secondary injection testing.
  • Primary injection testing.
  • LT board maintenance
  • Servicing of vacuum breakers.
  • Servicing of gas breakers.
  • Servicing of oil breakers.
  • Servicing of panels.
  • Servicing of switches
  • Panel wiring modifications.
  • New panel installations.
  • Commissioning of panels.
  • Repairs on panels and breakers
  • Modifications of existing switchgear
  • Cabling and thumping of cables
  • New Installations
  • Schematic Drawings
  • Refurbishments
  • AC pressure test:
  • Testing resistance between phases and phase to earth on bus bars and breaker phases

Maintenance must be done annually to ensure operation efficiency and preventative measures for breakdowns as dust accumulates on all electrical and moving parts. Wear and tear are also a big factor as to why maintenance is vital to ensure operational efficiency.