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Transformer Oil Purification

Transformer oil purification is a process to remove sludge, dissolve moisture and dissolved gases from the oil. Transformer oil conditioning may also include to some extent improving the acidity of the oil.

Advantages of transformer oil purification

  1. Improved insulation properties of the oil and hence the other media like paper / cellulose insulation.
  2. Better insulation of the transformer prolongs the life of the transformer and reduces breakdowns.
  3. A longer transformer lifespan increases the return of assets.
  4. Less breakdowns and failure of transformers result in uninterrupted power supply.

Transformers are theoretically designed to last 300 years; the limitation to their life span is the deterioration of the insulation paper. Today majority of transformers are operating at a 25 % higher work load than recommended, this leads to gas production and faster deterioration of the insulation paper.

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Purifying of Transformer Oil

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